Is Desktop.ini Harmful for Your Windows? What is Desktop.ini?

Some computer users are still not clear what desktop.ini is and some do not know whether desktop.ini is harmful or not. Many computer users complain that their anti-malware or anti-virus tool detect it as a Trojan or adware or malware. Are you eager to know the fact? In this post, you can acquire comprehensive knowledge of it.

The Overall Introduction of Desktop.ini

Desktop.ini is in fact, actually a files identified by Windows. Usually, it is harmless. However, lots of files having the same named can be created when threats infect system. As a result, hacked ini files are equipped with the features of malware, spyware, or other computer infections. The attacked files’ content varies from the types of threats landing on your computer. As a matter of fact, when many ini files appear on your Windows Task Manager or registry, you have to be watchful of your system security.


It cannot be sure which kind of threat infiltrate into your computer. However, it is sure that your computer will be confronted with a lot of security issues. More infections will be added into your computer, and your system performance will be drop down. Certainly, your online experience will be interrupted.

In any way, since theses created ini files can make your computer at risk and the use of computer are impacted, you should do your utmost to remove all malicious desktop.ini files to save your computer and avoid the further damages.

After removing desktop.ini files attacked by virus or malware from Window Task Manager, you also should make sure whether the same hacked files are eliminated completely via opening   Folder Options, clicking View, and then choose “Show hidden files, folders, and drives”. You can see the steps in the following picture.